The Red Tape

by Just Incredible

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released June 17, 2013



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Just Incredible New York, New York

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Track Name: Care About Us
(verse 1)

why should I care
bout what niggas got to say
all the ones who was fair
is who you locked away
tryna survive
inside this hostile game
but they shot them to death
yo who you tryna save?
they dont care about justice
all they care is bout what you spend
blind eye to the subject
water bed to wash off them sins
bodies laid in the public
some are mothers, convicts , and friends
we aint worried nothing
lite the fuse before I count to ten
its one
then five
hear the screams of all the ancestors
that they lynching us inside
see the devils tail is a web
got you thinking that its no GOD
all my life Ive been in the ghetto I dont think they want me to climb
I proceed to notice the time
keep my eyes fixed on the sky
The return is what they observing
but from dirt
the prophet shall rise

All I wanna say is that they dont really care about us x 4

(verse 2)

They just want this nigger to shave his beard and just hold the door
play my position in submission and uphold the law
keep my eyes to the floor
spend money on cu tore
rent that beamer then risk my freedom to show it off
prison is big business
I've witnessed some friends enter
follow the dollar and you will see that's its win win
Jim crow credit checks
stay inside your ghetto nigger
oh you got a rollie huh
what you think you special nigger
I see you spending money like its revolutionary nigger
golden bars for prison cells
from selling records nigger
you don't even see the light
you just see the life
imitate em to degrade em
worst logic I seen in life
the black dollar is gone
the plantation is born
no franshise to own
yet players in every sport
I bet you Martin spinning in his grave
cuz he said he had a dream
he just meant in different ways.
Track Name: Last King

Pac Died
Biggie Died
Eazy Died
Fucking with that Kitty
Tryna be the leader of my city
go the choppa at any nigga that mock us
the shot is loud as chewbacca
knock piggies out of them moccasins
fuck the money I'll burn it
Im Magic Johnson
No single fucks bout who watching
dont do this shit to be popular
binoculars and circled dates on calendars
turning them into colanders
shit is tight as a shirt that come from hollister
so misogynist got white bitches massaging us
been the topic of conversation
awaiting thermometers
everything you not
Mister MR
in Iran getting dinar
You looking at the din-non
come on
girl go wipe ya chin off
and why you always come here with that planet fitness shit on
you naughty girl
ima tell ya man
you got a black card membership to fuck we every chance
King of Rap
Last God MC
rap harder than Pharaohs hearts
Pharaoh Monch on speed
I mean I cross my T's and I dot my I's but me no see no man
nobody block my eyes
who am I?
Im just a giant knocking midgets down
music in the widgets for everybody to witness now
I think I get it now
its only business
and If I never did Hope you know I know I don't pretend it
beggining independent with the signature
solidifying I am just a lion with the literature
The edition of rap this is just a game of telephone
the flow is so delinquent like somebody left a loan
I should just be left alone
anthrax letter if I ever address the throne
press a clone get severed to the Bone
M-I- crooked letter I get better every song
Track Name: Molly Music
Life on the land of the destination
Manifest Destine
defalcation(defecation) hit the fans
the sames one that moved the flag
on the moon land
Before the fall
we all were looking the nude ranch
I sent my letter to the world
went postal them brought my food tramps
some entertainers and true tramps
you got fat while we starved
should make a few lamps
I get the cracking they jaw
for the rude chants
They put their heads near their femur in fear of fema camps
Just the stamp
Generations Y
write it out
and see the facial of the nation that we shall
over throw
we off the ropes
they foreman in the 8th
plus other nations
see you as prey
so eager to say
the eagle had to land one day
some say it was written
some want the proof of the pen
some say our stories are changing
some say some Lucifer shit
some niggas lazy
pay no mention to them
but then again
every synapse
cause a key to collapse
enter this in

took the knifes up out my back
infact I cut the tension

I been to hell and back
Now my hands on helen's back
to my felons in margiela's
and my friends who go to class
time is money
hours glass
put one hunnid on the dash
this is where it scary bro
the money that we throw at the strippers
can see the variable
depends on how you do on the poles
is how the money goes
we throw singles on the floor
they throw singles and you flow
if that describes your career than you a hoe
over samples
im tryna help my people get off wic
you making candles
lend a hand
lift a anvil
I voted for the candidates color
and not his views
But if u ain't vote for neither what's that say of you
Im just a guy that covets what can not pay use
My third eye is open
but I think its pay per view
they took away our homes
we felt like katie cruise
I gotta be masonic all ii do is pay my dues
ah coo dah mah
ta- da
can u see what i spy
africas a bosom
yet im dreaming of a bah bah's
im sky high over sinai ( sigh nah)
got Moses tablets but they run off wifi
no habla
just know I try
karma keeps coming she's a motherfucking nympho
met my father and he gave her a kid tho
Kids a goat
kiss the floor
for all the times u used my kind as mistletoes
ain't no sense in tryna make it sensible
went from broke to breaking records
and this benzie breaking necks
what a nuisance know the news was like a noose around ya neck
I snooze and make a check
while snooze delays ur rest
even on ya bottom dollor know u gotta pay respect
Not the best
not of yet
but u fear me in improvement
play it smart
get a ark
for all them tears u bout to pool in